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GPS Renewables is one of India’s leading Full Stack Climate Technology & Engineering company with prime focus in Clean Fuels including Biogas, BioCNG, Ethanol and Green Hydrogen.

Our Climate Impact

0 tco₂e

GHG Emissions avoided


Clean Fuel generated

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Waste diverted from Landfills

Technology Delivery

An innovation leader in sustainable biofuels, GPSR delivers bespoke technology solutions spanning bio-process design & optimization, apart from biofuel engineering for a variety of projects.

Project Execution

Preferred by marquee clients for large-scale biofuel projects, GPSR drives end-to-end bioenergy project execution with industry defining capabilities that cover Design & Engineering, Project Management and Procurement.

Biofuel Asset Ownership

Through its own climate infrastructure platform called GPSR Arya, GPSR incubates and develops industrial-scale decarbonization projects focused on Biogas, BioCNG, Ethanol and Green Hydrogen.

Specialized Products

Instituted to upgrade existing biofuel systems, GPSR offers an evolving suite of cost efficient and high performing technology products that cover integral subsystems in a typical biofuel plant.

Landmark Projects

With over a 100+ successful deployments of biofuel infrastructure across the globe as of date, GPS Renewables has extensive experience in building quality climate infrastructure

GPS Renewables was instrumental in commissioning Asia’s largest BioCNG plant in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Inaugurated by the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, GPSR completed its construction in a record time of 9 months. Today, the plant processes 550 tonnes of organic waste into 17 tonnes of Compressed Biogas (CBG) daily.

The BioUrja is GPS Renewables’ flagship biogas technology that has transformed urban waste processing. Till date, all of GPSR’s BioUrja deployments have been responsible for diverting nearly 9,400 tonnes of organic waste from landfills, which was sustainably used to capture 640 tonnes of clean biogas.

One of the firsts in the industry, GPS Renewables commissioned an EV charging station completely powered by biogas in Mumbai. This station uses power generated from an electricity generator that uses biogas. The organic waste used to generate biogas is in turn collected from hotels and restaurants in the vicinity.

GPS Renewables has signed an upstream engagement contract with the World Bank’s IFC. The objective of the landmark collaboration is to conduct extensive feasibility studies to evaluate the decarbonization potential of multiple select industry clusters across India.

GPS Renewables is currently en-route to commissioning one of the fastest executed CNG projects in the country today in Madhya Pradesh, in association with Reliance Industries Limited. The project is one among several Paddy Straw to BioCNG plants that are being constructed by GPSR across the country.

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Our Clientele

Clients across market segments today, have trusted our offerings in order to drive to their decarbonization initiatives

ISO Certified

GPS Renewables is an officially certified ISO – 9001, 14001 and 45001 company owing to its processes and systems that uphold industry recognized standards of quality, HSE and environment.

ESG: Ethos

Going beyond Climate Leadership, GPSR is driven by the principle of upholding the highest standards of Corporate and Social Stewardship through its business conduct

  • Towards Carbon Neutrality
  • Towards Inclusive Growth
  • Towards High Quality Governance
Towards Carbon Neutrality

GPS Renewables has been founded with the very aim of conserving and protecting the environment through its business operations and value offerings. The Company has made significant strides in effecting decarbonization and is committed to contributing towards accelerating India’s Net Zero vision of 2070.

493,000 tCO2e of GHG Emissions avoided

9.1 Million Cubic Metres of Clean Fuel produced

120,000 Tonnes of Organic Waste averted from Landfills

100+ Decentralized Waste to Clean Energy deployments in the C&l Segment

Towards Inclusive Growth

The pursuit at GPS Renewables is to lead energy transition in a just manner, accounting for all stakeholders being affected by the change. Apart from climate action, we also focus on the socio-economic dimension of sustainability including worker well-being and that of vulnerable communities at our project locations.

215 FTE Employment created at Project Locations

Upholding Diversity in Gender, Age and Location while Hiring

400,000 Unique Beneficiaries of our Clean Fuel

Towards High Quality Governance

At GPSR, we are committed to upholding good governance principles throughout our business operations. Towards this, we have established robust systems and practices to ensure transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct at all levels. By prioritising good governance, we build trust, protect the interests of our stakeholders, and uphold the highest standards of integrity in everything we do.

Strong Governance System in place backed by Critical Policies

94% Spends on Domestic Suppliers

Blockchain driven Data Transparency Systems

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